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Green Building and Renewable Energy

Our Headhunters are focused on LEED, Green Building and Renewable Energy candidates. Because environmental concerns have increased in recent years, the renewable energy and green building industries have exploded across the US and around the world.

Experienced construction executives with green building and renewable energy experience who can help lead large-scale projects have become increasingly in demand. Finding these candidates quickly can be difficult without outside assistance.

If your firm is involved in green building or renewable energy industries and demands professional executive recruiting assistance, we can help. Contact the green building and renewable energy recruitment experts at Construction Hunters to speak with us and find out how we can assist you. Being one of the reputed renewable energy headhunters in the US we’ve earned great deal of admirations as a professional green recruiters, serving throughout the US, including New York, Texas, Illinois, Florida and California.


At Construction Hunters we have a large network of industry talent in the green building and renewable energy space, allowing us to quickly connect with the best executives in the industry. We can help your company when you encounter urgent or critical openings you need filled quickly. Some of the positions we fill on a regular basis include:

If you are looking for renowned renewable energy headhunters or green recruiters then Construction Hunters is the right choice for you.

Call us now at (214) 935-3626 and we will respond as soon as possible.