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Building Construction Executive Job Recruiters California


At Construction Hunters, we have building construction recruiters in California, who strive to help you recruit, employ and retain staff, not only make the best fit, but also meet your long-term organization goals in a timely manner. Our mission is simple: to make precise matches and build long-lasting relationships.


Contact our building construction recruiters who can find you the best person for your position, at every level:

  • C-level
  • Estimator
  • Superintendent
  • Project Executive
  • Project Manager

Our building construction recruiters consider the candidates area of interest in fields, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Design Build
  • Green Building
  • Renewable Energy
  • Engineering
  • General Construction


Google data shows that there is a very high demand for building construction jobs in the U.S. The average monthly searches made for building construction recruiters in 5 major states, shows that the majority of searches (36.6%) were made in California, followed by Texas (20.9%).

building construction california


The construction industry employs more people than any other and consists of 3 broad categories (below). Following the economic downturn of 2007-2009, we witnessed a sluggish growth at first, but by the end of 2014, all three construction subsectors showed marked improvement in construction job opportunities.

  • Specialty Trade Construction The biggest manpower strength is in this sector which is usually sub-contracted by the general contractor. Tasks performed include concrete pouring, and masonry.
  • Building Construction The second largest part of the sector is building construction, including residential projects and commercial real estate, like luxury hotel, resorts, shopping malls, office complexes, etc.
  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction The smallest category has primarily large engineering projects, such as building highways, dams and gas pipelines.

Residential Building construction is expected to have 50% growth in employment, especially as brick masons (44%). (See chart of projected change in construction employment).

building construction recruiter california

It is predicted that much of this growth will be seen in the western half of the US, as well as Florida and Georgia. Job training, safety and health programs are expected to rise in the next 5 to 7 years, particularly in subgroups and second-tier cities and towns that will witness the fastest growth.

If you or your company are searching for building construction recruiters, or you need placement assistance in the construction industry, don’t hesitate to contact our California building construction recruiters @ 214-935-3626.