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What Makes a Retained Search Service Different

There are many ways to go about hiring an executive for a vacant position, but some methods are generally more successful than others. Finding a recruiting method that ensures that the position is filled with a qualified individual and has a low turnover rate can put your company one step ahead of the hiring game. Even amongst great recruiting companies, there are different services from which companies can choose. One of these services is a “retained search service,” which differs from other recruiting services in critical ways.

At Construction Hunters, our executive recruiting specialists offer our clients the option to choose our retained search service, our most successful recruitment service. If you are looking to hire a new executive for your company, contact us today by calling to discuss your options.

Why a Retained Search Service?

A retained search service at Construction Hunters means several things. Some of the factors that make this type of recruitment service different from other services include:

  • An exclusivity contract with our recruitment specialists
  • A100% success rate guarantee
  • The allowance to use your own in-house hiring methods

Although a retained search service does not allow for the use of other recruiting agencies, our executive recruiting experts guarantee that your executive position will be filled with a quality individual who fits the ideals of your company, and we will fill this position within a prescribed time limit.

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There are many reasons why people choose a retained search service, but to know exactly what service is right for your needs, contact an executive recruiting service expert of Construction Hunters today by calling .