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Understanding the Recruitment Process

When you are looking to fill a vacant executive position, you ought to consider enlisting the services of an experienced recruiting team to ensure you have the best possible person in the position. Recruiting specialists know how to research a company’s needs and goals, thereby allowing them to fill open executive positions with qualified individuals who meet those needs. If you are curious about how recruitment teams specifically do this, a knowledgeable and experience consultant can fill you in on the details.

At Construction Hunters, our recruitment management team has years of experience filling executive positions quickly and to the full extent of our client’s expectations. To learn more about our services and recruitment process, call us today at .

Recruitment Process

Although the recruitment process seems as if it may be an arduous and time-consuming process, you can have a qualified executive within 30-45 days when you work with our recruitment team. This can be achieved due to our methodical and focused 8-step recruitment process, which is as follows:

  • Research – working to understand a company’s needs, goals, and background.
  • Recruitment plan development – working with a company to construct an efficient and reliable plan of action for recruitment.
  • Targeted recruiting – finding appropriate candidates that suit the needs of a company and look into every aspect of their experience.
  • Evaluation – providing clients with a list of appropriate and evaluated candidates for in-house evaluation.
  • Process Management – continuing to evaluate a candidate throughout the recruitment process in order to ensure a proper fit with a company.
  • Reference Checks – performing regular reference checks on any potential candidate when asked to by the company
  • Offer – the company extends an offer to a candidate.
  • Acceptance – helping the company smoothly complete the hiring process and transition the individual.

We have carefully developed this recruiting process so as to get you the employee who best fits your company and will perform up to your expectations.

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