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Finding the Right Architect

A building project cannot be completed successfully without experienced and qualified architects. It is the job of the architect to have the foresight to see a project all the way through to completion and translate that into detailed construction plans. When an architecture company loses an essential executive, especially when just beginning a new job, this loss can be problematic and cause revenue loss if the position is vacant for too long. Finding a new employee can sometimes be difficult however as the job of an architect requires specialized skills and could cause the search for a replacement to become complicated.

However, many companies have found success by enlisting the services of an executive recruiting company. With the help of our executive recruiters, an architecture company can have a time-sensitive guarantee of finding a qualified professional that fits the requirements of your job vacancy. If you or someone you know is in need of executive architect recruiting skills to fill an architecture position, contact our executive recruitment specialists at Construction Hunters by calling today.

What We Look For

There are many different executive-level positions in the architecture field, such as project architects, design architects, and job captains and each of these positions requires specialized experience. An architect in an executive position needs to have a particular set of skills to be able to capably fill a position; thus, we look for skills such as:

  • Education based in architecture
  • Business experience and familiarity with conducting high-level construction jobs
  • Mathematical and computing skills
  • Managerial / management experience and suave
  • Experience with managing a team of architects

These skills are not ones that everyone possesses, which is why targeted recruiting is often necessary to fill an open architecture position. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the time to perform their own job search, which is where an executive recruitment company can help.

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